Inspired by an invigorating trek up and down stone mountain in the rain.

An interesting little theme here. I could definitely create more songs using variations of the theme. On a side note, by pure coincidence I started working on this song on Aug 25th, 2012, left it for a long time, came back to it and just happened to finish it up on August 25th, 2013.

battle theme.

This one is a desert town theme with drums, flute, and other orchestra instruments. I think this one has the nicest RPG sound to it so far, although it’s pretty simple and was easier to make than the last few.

This one was pretty fun to make. More exploring of orchestra instruments.

New song, finished in about a week. Exploring and trying out for the first time new percussion and orchestra instruments.

Setting is when David is forced to abandon his home, wife, and way of life to escape from Saul’s persecution. Emphasis is on David having to leave what he has worked for and being confronted with having to set out on a new, lonelier journey…

Another song for an RPG game I’m working on based on David’s story. This is the theme song for David and his companions’ first home base in the game, shortly after David started being chased by Saul. In that sense, it’s a bit of a “hidden village” type of theme.

It’s a bit of a sad time since David is after all being hunted down by the King, but at the same time he has some loyal friends and followers who joined him that he can depend on. Here’s some relevant quotes:

"And David stayed in strongholds in the wilderness, and remained in the mountains in the Wilderness of Ziph"

"After whom has the king of Israel come out? Whom do you pursue? A dead dog? A flea?"

As always there are a number of mistakes that I’d need to fix before putting this in the game. I need to vary the baseline piano theme just slightly a few times, and the end part with the shakuhachi is too loud.

New Blog

Just switched my personal site over to tumblr. My previous site served me well for over two years.

All of my sites before this were completely custom from the ground up, so using a service is new. My last site was getting dated but unfortunately I just didn’t have the time to build a new one. Even in the end, though, I spent more time than I was supposed to customizing this tumblr template. Check out the 100% CSS3 “contact” dropdown above :)

I hope to focus a little more or tech-related posts, in addition to the usual music and other creative work.

Professional Summary

This is a summary of my professional history. My linked in profile contains more information. I’ll keep this post updated with the latest info.

Currently a web developer at

  • General front-end development using JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Writing and updating Java to support the front-end
  • JavaScript and CSS performance
  • Building out an app-wide framework for semantic and modern HTML5 markup, unobtrusive scripting, and object oriented CSS
  • Supporting the whole dev org as a general UI consultant

Before that, I was a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. During grad school, I interned with NextJump working on mobile development, Java + Hibernate and web services.

  • Master of Information Systems Management
  • 4.04 GPA

During undergrad, I worked as a freelance web developer building and designing complete websites for over 10 clients.

In my spare time, I code web apps and projects in ruby on rails.

Here’s a list of my skills, favorite libraries, and preferred platforms and tools:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Shoulda
  • Java
  • PHP, Symfony2
  • SQL, MySQL
  • SVN, Perforce
  • Textmate, Eclipse, Github, Linode
  • OS X, Ubuntu flavored Linux

My contact information can be found at the top of the page.

This is a simple song, but it’s one of my favorites.

If I remember correctly, I wrote it in a couple days over a weekend around the same time I was working on “Seek the Truth.”

I like it because it’s so simple yet still carries a lot of emotion.